Why does the Website Prospector only show my home page?

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We can't see what web pages our contacts are visiting! 

In this example, the Website Prospector is not reporting specific web pages that a visitor accessed. This indicates a problem that can be fixed with the help of your webmaster. 


You may be using an old version of the Act-On Beacon code. Ask your webmaster to check if your code looks like this:


If it is similar to this, you will need to update your code for all of the web pages that you host and want to track. 

The Beacon will automatically track your landing pages and forms, so these updates only need to be applied to the specific web properties you wish to track. 

How can we fix this?

Update the Act-On Beacon code by following these steps:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Other Settings > Beacon Settings
    2. Copy the code snippet provided under Install the Beacon
    3. Provide the code to your webmaster, who will need to do the following: 
      1. Delete the outdated code
      2. Paste the new code where the outdated code used to be

After applying the update, you should now see the specific web pages your visitors are viewing in the Website Prospector reports. 



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