Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (2023 version) FAQs

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This guide covers some common questions that may come up regarding Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (2023 version).


I currently use Act-On Anywhere in Outlook. Will my existing Act-On Anywhere update to the new version?

You will need to install the new Outlook add-in. Additionally, you will need to remove your existing Outlook Windows plugin and/or the Google Chrome browser extension.

I use another email provider other than Outlook, can I still use the Act-On Anywhere (2023 version) feature?

No. This updated feature is only available for Microsoft Outlook. You can use the Act-On Anywhere Google Chrome extension if you access your mailbox through Chrome.

What platforms support the new Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (2023 version) add-in?

Act-On is focusing support on the latest Outlook 2019, Windows 11, Mac OS X v13 Ventura, and Chrome browser. Add-ins are also available on Windows 10, Mac OS X v10.10 Yosemite or later, new Edge, Safari, and Firefox browsers; Office 2016 or later.
(As of September 2023)

I have multiple Act-On user accounts; can I add them both?

No. You will need to log out and log back in with another account.

Can I send a message to multiple recipients and track them?

Tracking email activity will only track for the first contact in the recipient list. 

Does email personalization work for the contact or the user on an email template?

Yes and no. The contact fields will carry through, but you will need to fill them in before sending the message. Account User fields, such as {{User.FIRSTNAME}} and {{User.EMAIL}}, will fill in. These will be visible and filled in when previewing an email template.

Will I receive a notification when a contact opens their email?

No. Microsoft add-ins do not currently support notifications. However, we are continuing to look for other solutions to bring back live notifications for email opens in the future.

I am not a Sales user. Can I still use Act-On Anywhere for Outlook?

Yes! All you need is an Act-On account and access to Outlook mail.

Why can I not see any available assets in the asset window?

Asset folders must be “Sales enabled” to be accessed in Act-On Anywhere. An Act-On Admin can enable or disable the folders.

Are there parts of an email template that will not render okay in Outlook?

Some Act-On content blocks, such as Time & Place, Multiple Choice, and Conditional Display do not work when sending from Outlook. It is recommended to not include these blocks in an email template used for Act-On Anywhere.

Why is the email footer not carrying over into Outlook?

The footer is left off the template since the email is being sent from a personal email to an individual contact and is not required like it is for mass marketing email sends.

Why can I not find Act-On Anywhere in Outlook's Add-in store?

Due to technical constraints, we could not submit Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (2023 version) to Outlook's Add-in store. It must be added as a custom add-in using a URL. See the install guide for further instructions.

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