Act-On Anywhere for Sales Users (Gmail)

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Act-On Anywhere brings the power of Act-On messages to your Gmail account, giving one-off emails the same tracking benefits you would have sending the message directly through Act-On. Using Gmail Content assist you are able to quickly construct better emails using prebuilt sales templates and the assets already loaded within your Act-On account - without ever needing to login to Act-On.

Once your message is sent with Tracking enabled, you will be able to utilize lead scoring and segmentation like you would if the message was sent through Act-On. With notifications enabled, you will receive real-time Google Chrome notifications when your message has been viewed or a link has been clicked.

As your prospects lead score grows with engagement, you are able to quickly get a real-time snapshot of your prospects entire marketing history. Access your prospects marketing timeline within your CRM, on LinkedIn, in any email, or any other webpage.

  1. From your Gmail account, click Compose.
  2. Address your message and add a subject line.
  3. Once you click text area, an Act-On icon will appear in the lower right of the text area.
  4. You can choose from templates and assets within your Act-On account, or compose your email as normal.
  5. If you would like to track your message, click the checkbox next to Tracking.
  6. If you would like to be notified if the recipient has opened your message or click through any links, click the checkbox next to Notification.

If you have an asset you would like to use that is not in your Act-On account:

  1. Choose the asset type you would like to upload.
  2. Click on the folder you would like to store the asset.
  3. Click Upload > Choose File, your asset will automatically upload into the chosen file within your Act-On account.

After choosing the asset type you wish to use, you will be brought to the Asset Picker. The Asset Picker allows you to choose from assets already loaded within your Act-On account, as well as upload new assets to Act-On directly from the Asset Picker, without ever needing to login to Act-On.

Asset Picker Options

  • Search - Quickly search through all assets currently loaded with your integrated Act-On account.
  • Folders - Sort through the folders you've created in Act-On to quickly find assets.
  • Upload new assets - New need to login to Act-On, upload new assets directly from the Assets Picker.
  • Sort by - Sort your assets by Title, Date, or File Size.
  • View - Choose between a list or grid view. With the grid view, you will be able to preview the assets.

Once you locate the asset you want to use, you will have two options - Copy or Insert.

  • Copy - Copies the link to your clipboard. Use this to add an Act-On link to your call to action.
  • Insert - Inserts the image or hyperlink directly on your page.

Utilise existing Act-On Email Template

If you have an existing template within Act-On that you would like to use.

  1. Click the blue folder icon in the lower right of your Gmail Compose window.
  2. Choose the template you would like to use and click Add.
  3. You will be able to edit your headings and body text using the Gmail composer.
  4. If you would like to use new images or links from Act-On, simply click the floating Act-On icon.


Marketing Timeline

Using the Act-On Anywhere Marketing Timeline, you are able to quickly pull email addresses from any page displaying the address and view the marketing history of the email address on a given page.

For example, you can add Salesforce or LinkedIn to your managed sites. Once added, visit any page on the website and you will notice a new Act-On tab will appear when you mouse over the the right of your screen. Once you click the Act-On tab, the Marketing Timeline will appear as show to the right.

Once you open the Marketing Timeline, Act-On Anywhere will pull all email addresses on the given page. Using my inbox as an example, I can filter through any email address on the page and immediately pull the prospects - or in my case co-workers - entire marketing history based on the given email address. Did the prospect open the email? Click any links in the email? Maybe checkout a few pages on your website? You will have all this information with the click of your mouse.

To filter email addresses:

  1. Click the down arrow to the right of your email address.
  2. A drop-down will appear with every email address on the page.
  3. Scroll down to locate the prospect in question and click their email address. This will pull a real-time version of their Marketing History.
  4. Alternatively you can simply add or search for a specific email address. Using the search box, start typing the address you are looking for and results will filter as you type. Don't see the address you're looking for? No problem! Type the full email address and click the plus sign to find the prospects marketing history.

Looking for something specific in your prospects marketing timeline? With a few clicks you can filter through the marketing timeline to get the information you need.

  1. Select a prospect.
  2. Click the filter icon.
  3. Enable or disable the options you wish to filter.
  4. You prospects marketing timeline will update in real-time, leaving you with only the information you need.

To filter the marketing timeline history:

  1. Select a prospect.
  2. Next to History, click Past 1 Week.
  3. You prospects marketing timeline history will update in real-time based on the time-frame you set.


  • Only links added via the Content Assist button will be trackable in the message, links added normally in Gmail compose window will not be trackable.
  • Because of the way Act-On tracks links, you will not be able to send tracked emails to multiple recipients at once including cc/bcc recipients. If multiple people receive the email or the email is forwarded and others click the links they will be tracked as though they were the first recipient.

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