Act-On Anywhere for Chrome Overview

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Act-On Anywhere lets you embed Marketing Automation functionality into any web app or website. You can view Act-On contacts, insert Act-On links and content, and more. We sometimes refer to this plugin as Act-On Anywhere for Gmail, but it's also effective in many other web-based tools.

Key Benefits

  • Add Act-On content to a CMS – instantly link to Forms, Landing Pages, and assets in your Image and Media Library from any text editor such as WordPress, Drupal, or any other content platform
  • Get Act-On history in your CRM – without even using Act-On's CRM integrations, you can pull up a contact inside your CRM tool and see all of their Act-On activity history
    Pro tip: This also works for LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other site where emails are displayed!
  • Send Act-On emails in Gmail – You can easily insert Act-On message templates into your Gmail emails, then track the engagement to gauge your success (and even get Chrome notifications for real-time updates)

This tool is a great way to expand your marketing efforts outside of the Act-On application. We highly recommend it as a tool to maintain content alignment within your sales team.

To get started, see this page for installation instructions.

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