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Can I get real-time alerts when a prospect opens or clicks a link in my email?

Yes, both Act-On Anywhere for Chrome and Outlook (legacy version) can give you real-time alerts when your prospects engage with your email. You will receive notifications when your message is opened and if your prospect clicks through on any link within the messages.

These customer behaviors are also tracked in Act-On and can be viewed there – these notifications are just an additional way to view these interactions.

Why can’t I see alerts from Act-On Anywhere?

Act-On Anywhere for Chrome

If notifications are not working, they may be disabled in your Google Chrome browser. To re-enable notifications, follow this guide from Google: Enable Notifications in Google Chrome.

Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (legacy version)

If you are not seeing alerts from Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (legacy version), you may not have Live Notifications turned on, or your operating system settings may have notifications disabled. Follow this guide to troubleshoot your notifications for Act-On Anywhere: Act-On Anywhere for Outlook - Troubleshooting.

How can I view the Sent Report for an email I sent through Act-On Anywhere?

The Sent Message report provides statistics on how both individual emails and campaigns are performing. Using this data, you can make tweaks to content and delivery to ensure your messages are optimized and being seen at the right time.

To view the report, head to your Act-On account and navigate to Outbound > Sent Messages. You can get a visual summary of your message's open rate, bounce rate, clicks, and more. For more information, see Using Sent Message Reports.

I sent an email to multiple recipients. Why am I not seeing opens and clicks on their Contact Report summary or timeline?

Act-On tracks opens and clickthroughs using personalization and a tracking pixel. When you send an email to multiple recipients (such as through CC or BCC) using Act-On Anywhere for Chrome or Outlook, the email is personalized for the first recipient you’re sending it to. If there are additional recipients, or if the message is forwarded, any additional opens and clickthroughs will be attributed to the first recipient.

Tip! When the message is sent, Act-On will rewrite and personalize any links that start with http:// or https:// so that they are trackable. If you have links that you do not wish to track, you would need to begin them without the http://, like

What is a tracking pixel?

The tracking pixel is a 1x1 .gif image that is added automatically to the very end of the email, just after the footer. 

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