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Using Content Assist, content marketers can easily access Act-On assets within Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, or other content management systems. Using built in tools you can quickly integrate marketing campaigns on your blog or website, while maintaining accurate tracking of blog referrals, lead generation, and conversion percentages.

Act-On Anywhere gives you the ability to work within your own system and harness the power of marketing automation without ever having to log into Act-On, let alone having to learn a new platform.

Before using Content Assist and SEO Audits, you will need to install the Act-On Anywhere extension for Chrome, plus have the website you wish to edit or audit added under the Manage Websites tab.

Getting Started

To use these features of Act-On Anywhere, navigate to your website or blog and attempt to add a new post.

  1. Within your rich text editor you will see an Act-On button floating to the right.
  2. To access your Act-On assets click the Act-On icon.
  3. You can pick from content within your Act-On library that is associated with the Act-On credentials you entered when setting up Act-On Anywhere. Need to upload new content? You can do it right from here.

Please note:

  • In order to share the assets with Act-On Anywhere plugin, you need to do the following: Enable the folder's share in Act-On, by going to each area (Forms, Landing Pages, Images) > Folders > Manage > Tick all boxes under the $ sign to enable these folders in external applications.
  • When inserting forms through Act-On Anywhere’s Content Assist using an iFrame, keep in mind that this functionality will not work within Wordpress due to the fact that Wordpress strips out iFrames by default. To enable with WordPress, modify the WordPress theme settings to allow iFrames.

Using the Asset Picker

After choosing the asset type you wish to use, you will be brought to the Asset Picker. The Asset Picker allows you to choose from assets already loaded within your Act-On account, as well as upload new assets to Act-On directly from the Asset Picker, without ever needing to login to Act-On.

Options include:

  • Search - Quickly search through all assets currently loaded with your integrated Act-On account.
  • Folders - Sort through the folders you've created in Act-On to quickly find assets.
  • Upload new assets - New need to login to Act-On, upload new assets directly from the Assets Picker.
  • Sort by - Sort your assets by Title, Date, or File Size.
  • View - Choose between a list or grid view. With the grid view, you will be able to preview the assets.

Once you locate the asset you want to use, you will have two options - Copy or Insert.

As an example using Content Assist on a Wordpress landing page, we can quickly add a button that links out to a download page, asset, landing page, form, etc.

  1. From Content Assist, select Images.
  2. Either choose or upload an image.
  3. After choosing an image, click Insert.
  4. From Content Assist, click Media and locate the link to add.
  5. Click Copy.
  6. From the rich text editor, click the image and choose the pencil icon to edit.
  7. Select Custom URL from the Link To drop-down and paste the copied link.
  8. Click Update.
  9. You now have an Act-On image with an Act-On link, created within your favorite rich text editor.

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