Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (2023 version) Installation Guide

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Act-On Anywhere brings the power of Act-On messages to your Microsoft Outlook account. It is a web-based add-in accessed directly from Outlook. Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (2023 version) has been updated to improve the user experience.

Remove the previous (legacy) version if you have it, and install the 2023 version to get the improvements.

Essentials to Get Started

You need an active Act-On account to use Act-On Anywhere. It is available to marketing and sales Act-On users, including CRM users.

Platform Support

Act-On Anywhere (2023 version) is available on the latest versions of the following platforms used to access Outlook:

  • Windows 10 and 11
  • Mac OS X v10.10 "Yosemite" or later; Office on Mac must be installed
  • Web browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari (WKWebView required)
  • Outlook 2016 or later (Windows & Mac)


Remove All Previous Versions

The previous (legacy) version was available as a Windows Outlook desktop plug-in and a Chrome browser extension for If you have any of these, remove them all as follows:

Windows Outlook Desktop Plug-in

  1. In Windows, go to Settings > Apps > Installed apps > search for “Act-On Anywhere”.

  2. Find Act-On Outlook Extension, then on the right, click  and select Uninstall:

    AOA4 Outlook 2023 ver IG 01.png

  3. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

  4. Repeat this step for the installed app Act-On Outlook Extension Installer (shown above).

Chrome Browser Extension for 

  1. In your Chrome browser at the top right, click  > Extensions > Manage Extensions.

  2. Find the Act-On Anywhere tile and click Remove:

    AOA4 Outlook 2023 ver IG 02.png
This only applies to users using Outlook as their mail client. You may continue using the Chrome browser extension for other mail clients, such as Gmail

Install 2023 Version

  1. In the version of Outlook that you use, access the add-in store :
    • In Windows Outlook desktop, in the Home tab, click the red grid icon Browse Add-Ins in the toolbar:

      AOA4 Outlook 2023 ver IG 03.png

    • In Mac Outlook, at the right of the top toolbar, click  and select Get Add-ins:

      AOA4 Outlook 2023 ver IG 04.png

    • In (in a Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari browser) first, select a message to view. Next, at the top right corner of the message, click  and in the menu that appears, scroll down and click Get Add-ins:

      AOA4 Outlook 2023 ver IG 05.png

  2. A new window Add-Ins for Outlook opens. In the left menu, click My add-ins, scroll down and in the Custom Addins section, click + Add a custom add-in, and select Add from File:

    AOA4 Outlook 2023 ver IG 06.png

  3. You need to save the program XML as a new file. In a new browser tab, copy and paste the following URL:
    Right-click anywhere on the page, and click Save as:

  4. Back in Outlook, find and select your saved XML file, then click OK.

  5. In the Warning pop-up that appears, click Install to continue.

  6. The Act-On Anywhere add-in tile appears at the bottom of the Add-Ins window:

AOA4 Outlook 2023 ver IG 08.png

The add-in has been added to your Outlook account.

If you access Outlook from different platforms such as desktop and browser, you will need to install the add-in to each as explained above.

Next Steps

For information on accessing and using Act-On Anywhere, see the Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (2023 version) User Guide.

Having problems? See the Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (2023 version) FAQs.

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