How to View Sent Message Reports

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The Sent Message report provides some important statistics on the performance of both your individual emails and your overall campaigns. This data should help you identify what's working and tweak your content and delivery for continuous improvement.

Note: Report data may not appear immediately. Please allow a few hours after the email sends for data collection.

Access the Report

  1. Choose an email from Outbound Sent Messages
  2. Click the down-arrow beside that email
  3. Click Report

You can also view this report as a rollup for multiple emails using the Campaigns feature.

Report Sections


At the top of the report, you can filter by different time frames, including a custom date range. You can also filter data by clicking on specific charts (see below).

Sent/Delivered/Engagement Metrics

Here, you can find lots of useful information about who received the message and how they interacted with it.


You can hover over some of the fields to see a basic definition of how they're calculated (see below for more details). You can also click on many of these numbers to drill down and see a list of matching contacts.

Sent/Delivered/Engagement Charts


You can click on different sections of the graph to isolate or filter data in the chart.

Action Tracking Table


As with other report sections, you can click on counts to drill down or hover over percentages to see how that metric is defined.

Clickthrough Tracking

Here, you can see a breakdown of the performance of clickable links in your message.


Tip! If you're seeing multiple entries for View in Browser on your Clickthrough Report, follow these instructions to stop recording clicks for the View in Browser link.

Device and Client Tab

You can go over to this tab to view information about the web browser and computer operating system that contacts used while opening your message. Among other things, this can help you know which devices to test/optimize for when creating your assets.


Definitions of Report Data


  • Addressed – Number of unique email addresses in list or segment targeted with this message (Sent + Suppressed)
  • Not Sent / Suppressed – Number of unique email addresses removed from this send due to suppression or send failure
    • Often, "not sent" occurs if an email address is invalid or if the recipient is missing personalization fields that defined in the message
    • Often, "suppressed" occurs because the recipient has opted out of your communications or because they are a duplicate of another email address that has already been sent
  • Sent – Number of unique email addresses included in the send
  • Bounced – Number of unique email addresses that did not reach inbox due to hard or soft bounces
  • Delivered – Number of recipients who received the message (Sent - Bounces)
  • Opened – Number of unique email addresses that opened this message
    • If an email recipient has images turned off or if their email client is set for plain text only, the message does not count as an opened message
  • Clicked – Number of unique email addresses that clicked on a link in this message
  • Opt-Outs – Number of unique email addresses that submitted an opt-out request
  • Spam Complaints – Number of unique email addresses that submitted a spam complaint
  • Total Sent – this number could be larger than Unique Sent If this message was sent more than once, either through an Automated Program or as a resend, to individual recipients
  • Total Opened – Total number of times this message was opened, including multiple opens by the same recipient
  • Total Clicked – Total number of times this message was clicked on, including multiple clicks by the same recipient


  • Open RateOpens / Delivered *100
  • Click RateClicks / Delivered *100
  • Click-to-Open RateClicks / Opened *100
  • Bounced RateBounced / Sent *100
  • Delivered RateDelivered / Sent *100
  • Did Not Open RateDid Not Open / Delivered *100
  • Opt-Out RateOpt-Outs / Delivered *100
  • Spam Complaint RateSpam Complaints / Delivered *100

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Key Terms

Total Sent The total number of messages sent out to valid recipients. This number does not include recipients that failed or were suppressed.
Not Sent / Suppressed Messages that are not sent are often due to a failure such as an invalid email address, or because the recipient didn't have the personalization fields you defined. Messages are suppressed because the recipient has either opted out of your message communications or because the email address is a duplicate of another that has already been sent. Messages to specific recipients can be suppressed if, for example, they have previously opted-out of your communications, or if their email address is in the Hard Bounces list, is a duplicate of an address that has already received this message, or is in one of the suppression lists you chose when composing the message.
Opened The number of unique individuals who have opened your message.
Bounced The number of messages that bounced upon reaching their specified domain. Hard and soft bounce messages are the two types you may encounter. A soft bounce is an email message that makes it to the recipient's mail server and is accepted by the IP filter but is bounced back undelivered before it gets to the recipient. This can happen if the content doesn't pass muster, the receiving server is overloaded, or the receiver's mailbox is full. A hard bounce is an email message that has been returned to the sender and is permanently undeliverable. This may be due to an invalid address, or perhaps the email recipient's mail server has blocked your sending server.
Did Not Open Recipients that received your message but did not view it
Clicked The unique number of recipients who clicked on any link in your message. Click to view details such as who clicked on a specific link and when they clicked.
Total Times Opened The total number of times your message has been viewed, including multiple views by a single recipient.
Total Times Clicked The total number of times links in your message were clicked on. To view the number of people who've taken action on your message, see the Clicked statistic
Last Opened The last date and time that your message was viewed by a recipient
Last Clicked The last date and time that a link in your message was clicked on by a recipient.
Opt-Outs The number of people that have opted out of communications of this message
Spam Complaints The total number of spam complaints that this message received. A "spam complaint" occurs when a recipient marks your email as spam, not when a webmail provider filter tags your email as spam. Unsubscriptions do not hurt deliverability, but spam complaints and hard bounces do.
Responses So Far This term would show if a multiple-choice option were in your message. Recipients will be shown in a list with their responses to your question.

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