Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (legacy version) - User Guide

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This information refers to a previous version of Act-On Anywhere for Outlook.
For the latest version, see Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (2023 version) User Guide.

Act-On Anywhere brings the tracking power of Act-On messages to your Outlook account. With our plugin, you can:

  • Use pre-built Email Templates and other Act-On assets straight from your inbox.
  • Track message opens and clicks for a single recipient as if the message was sent through Act-On. (Message tracking is not available for multiple recipients when using Act-On Anywhere.)
  • Receive real-time notifications when your contact opens or clicks on your message.

To install, see the Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (legacy version) - Installation Guide.

Having problems? See Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (legacy version) - Troubleshooting.


Log in to Act-On

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.

  2. Go to the Act-On Anywhere tab and click on Manage Account:


  3. Click Add Account:

  4. Enter your Act-On Email and Password, then click Login:

Tip: You can log into more than one account. If you do this, double-click on the Account Email name to switch to the active account:


Delete an Account

  1. Click the X under Delete to remove your account:
  2. Click OK to confirm.

Set Preferences


Live Notifications

This enables system notifications of opens and clicks for all emails sent using Outlook. You can disable Notifications for individual messages by de-selecting the option in the Message window.

Record All E-mail

This turns on Act-On message tracking for all outbound emails you send from Outlook. You can disable tracking for individual messages by de-selecting the option in the Message window.


Send Emails Using Act-On Anywhere

Act-On Anywhere will appear as a toolbar at the bottom of the Message window:


The plugin is best used when sending to a single contact. Message tracking will malfunction when sending to multiple recipients, including in the CC and BCC fields.


Message Options 


Checking this box will track the sent email in Act-On. Your message will show in Act-On with a report and the contact's open and click behavior will be recorded.


Checking this box enables a system notification on your computer alerting you that your message was read and/or clicked. The message must be recorded in order to receive a notification.

Use a Template

Style your message using a pre-designed email template. Ask your Marketing Team to add templates for you to send professionally styled messages that project your brand's identity.

To use an Email Template, add a recipient to your new email message and click on Templates

Note: To use a Template, you must first add a recipient to your Email message. If you do not, you will receive a warning:


Use Email Personalization

Act-On personalization fields cannot be added to your Outlook message directly.

When an email template contains personalization, the text will generate when you choose the template. Personalization fields will show in your email exactly as they will show to the recipient.

If you see personalization fields that have not auto-filled and look like {{Owner.Name}}, you should edit this text out of your email message (e.g. replace it with correct text) and inform your Act-On Admin of the template, field(s), and contact(s) this occurred for.

Add Act-On Content


Click on the toolbar to add Images, Forms, Landing Pages, and Media links to your message. If you are not finding the content that you need, ask your Marketing Team.


How many contacts can I send to using Act-On Anywhere for Outlook?

The plugin is best used when sending to a single contact. Message tracking and Email Personalization will malfunction if you send to multiple recipients, including in the CC and BCC fields.

If you do choose multiple recipients, you will receive a warning after you click Send:


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