Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (legacy version) - Troubleshooting

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This information refers to a previous version of Act-On Anywhere for Outlook.
For FAQs on the latest version, see Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (2023 version) FAQs.

Sometimes errors occur when installing or using the Act-On Anywhere for Outlook (legacy version) Add-In. This article reviews the known issues and solutions. 

If you are experiencing an error that is described in this article, go straight to that section for specific steps.

If you are not sure what the problem is, or if the error you are having is not described on this page, start by uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin.

Initial Troubleshooting

Uninstall and Reinstall Act-On Outlook Extension

Many errors during installation are resolved with a clean installation. Please review and follow these specific instructions when reinstalling.

  1. Go to Add or remove programs.
  2. Uninstall the two Act-On applications in the order below:
    • Uninstall the plugin first
    • Uninstall the installer next Screen_Shot_2021-01-19_at_4.09.02_PM.png
  3. Delete any existing setup.exe files from Act-On that you have currently.
  4. Download and Install the Act-On plugin following our installation instructions.
    • When you open setup.exe, right-click and choose Run as Administrator

If you have done this and are still having trouble, next review the known errors below to see if these describe the problem you are having.

You can also contact our Technical Support team using the form below.

Errors during Installation

There was an error during installation: Downloading the file did not succeed


There are several causes for this kind of error, each described below with a solution.

Cause: Your network is behind a firewall that is blocking the download.

Solution: Ask your IT administrator to approve Act-On’s domains for the Outlook plugin.

Once they have confirmed this is done, uninstall and reinstall the plugin.

Cause: Your local machine is blocking the site.

Solution: Add Act-On to your Trusted Sites

  1. Go to Start and search ”Internet Options
  2. In the Internet Properties control panel, go to Security
  3. Click on Trusted Sites, then click on Sites
  4. Enter https://downloads.actonsoftware.comand click Add: mceclip2.png
  5. Click Close
  6. Go to Settings > Add or Remove Programs
  7. Uninstall and re-install the plugin

Cause: You are using an older version of the installer (setup.exe). 

Solution: Use the newest version.

  1. Uninstall the plugin
  2. Delete all existing setup.exe files you’ve downloaded from Act-On
  3. Download the newest version and re-install


If you are still experiencing this error after doing the above steps, click on Details in the notice and copy the error text. Contact our support team using the form below and provide the full text of the error message.

I Installed the plugin, but it isn’t showing in Outlook.

When this happens, the add-in may be disabled.

First, review the disabled Add-Ins:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Go to File > Info.
  3. Click to open Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins.
  4. Find Act-On Outlook Extension.
  5. Under Options, select Always enable this add-in and click Apply:mceclip3.png

Next, enable the Act-On Outlook Extension:

  1. Navigate to File > Options > Add-ins.
  2. Next to Manage: COM Add-ins, click Go:
  3. Check the box for Act-On Outlook Extension.
  4. Click OK:mceclip5.png

Errors during Plugin Use

Login Errors

Please ensure your password for Act-On does not contain any special characters. If this is required as part of the password security policy for your Act-On account, this setting must be adjusted in order to use the plugin. Ask your Act-On Administrator for help adjusting the password policy.

Missing Notifications

System Notifications are configured in several different locations. Review the following settings to ensure you can receive your Notifications from Act-On:

Act-On Anywhere Settings

Live Notifications must be turned on

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to Act-On Anywhere
  3. Check the box to turn on Live Notifications


Additionally, the Act-On Message you send must have both Record and Notification checked in the New Message window.


Operating System Settings

The available settings for system notifications will vary by operating system.

The following instructions apply to Windows 10.

Notifications & actions settings

  1. Go to Settings and search for Notifications & actions settings.
  2. Turn On Get Notifications from apps and other senders:mceclip8.png
  3. Under Get notifications from these senders, turn notifications On for Outlook:mceclip9.png
  4. Click on Outlook to see more notification settings. We recommend the following:
    • Notifications On
    • Show notification banners On
    • Show notifications in action center On

Focus Assist

  1. Go to Settings and search for Focus assist settings.
  2. Review your settings here to make sure you have not inadvertently silenced your notifications with settings such as:
    • Notification Settings
      • Priority Only > If you use this, is Outlook a priority?
    • Alarms Only
    • Automatic Rules
    • During these times
    • When I’m at home
  3. Go to the Action Center and make sure Focus Assist is turned Off (it will be highlighted if it is On):

Network Settings

Contact your company’s IT team to ask if you are working behind a firewall. Ask your IT team to approve Act-On’s domains listed in this page. Firewalls may block Act-On’s notifications if this is not completed.


Outlook continues to crash

If the plugin crashes and becomes disabled, first follow these instructions from above to ensure it does not auto-disable.

If you have done this and the plugin is constantly crashing Outlook, check your settings for any other plugins that have been installed. Act-On cannot guarantee compatibility with third-party Outlook plugins. You may need to disable these in order to use Act-On Anywhere. 

  1. Go to File > Options > Add-ins.
  2. Review the Active Application Add-ins.
  3. Click Go next to Manage COM Add-Ins.
  4. Un-check each third-party plugin to disable it.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Restart Outlook.

Still need help?

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our Support team. For a faster resolution, please provide the log files from your computer.

How to Locate Act-On Anywhere Plugin Log Files

When contacting our support team, we may request log files from your computer. This information is a key component of troubleshooting.

  1. To obtain this file, open Windows Explorer.
  2. Enter this location in the address bar, and hit Enter: C:\%USERPROFILE%\appdata\local\Acton\ActonOutlookExtension

You will see a log file saved for each day the plugin was active. Today’s log does not have a date on the file name.

Provide the log files for the dates where you experienced the issue you are reporting:


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